Schnelle Nachrichtenübermittlung – eine Geschichte ohne Ende…

31 Mar

Ein mit Liebe gemachtes Filmchen aus dem Jahre 1950 über den ungebrochenen Willen des Menschen, die Übermittlung von Nachrichten zeitlich immer mehr beschleunigen zu wollen. Damals trugen die gerade neu entwickelten Transistoren und UKW-Übertragungsmöglichkeiten dazu bei.

Auch das ebenfalls sehenswerte zweite Filmchen trägt den Titel “Story without end”. Nachfolgend die ausführliche Erklärung in englischer Sprache, da mir gerade der Nerv zum Übersetzen fehlt. Ich bitte höflichst um Nachsicht.

“The future can be found in many places. It can be seen reflected in the eyes of those who are privileged to look at it.”

The narrative is from a (now) public domain film of the same name made in 1950, about the development of microwave radio transmission and the transistor. What is lovely about viewing this now is the timelessness of the message contained within; the will to find newer, faster ways to communicate.

“In my view of the future the novelty will wear off. The instrument will grow light, convenient, and familiar to every hand.”

With promises of faster connectivity resulting in better productivity and ultimate happiness, aspirations haven’t changed that much – just the method by which people try and achieve this goal.

“In the laboratories the men who develop new equipment and the men who have to build it are always at work. Not only improving what has been developed, but creating new things as well.”

In amongst change there are always the very basic fundamental things that make up what it is to be human, the hope to be less isolated and to feel and do more. However, the more we surround ourselves with objects that plug us in, the more we can become disconnected. The tower looms further into the sky but the foundation needs to remain still and intact. There isn’t a single message within this film, it is a collage and so by it’s nature can be entered into on many levels. However, to make this film today, 55 years later, the story hopefully remains relevant and positive.

This film was made with footage from Prelinger Archives (, Skip Elsheimer (, and The Internet Archive ( Thanks to them for making their databases available and freeing up these wonderful resources which in many cases would have been locked away and left to rot. Only by reflection upon the past can we change the present into a better future… that’s just what the film said 55 years ago too. This and also the first version of Story Without End can be downloaded at The Internet Archive.

Thanks to Rick Prelinger, Skip Elsheimer, Dr. Irene Moon ( and Robert Beatty (for the cockroach footage).

Commissioned by Sonic Arts Network (, many thanks!

Producer: Vicki Bennett
Production Company: People Like Us




Heute im Meerschweinchenreport von 15:00 bis 17:00 Uhr auf Radio RheinWelle 92,5: Identifikation von Vogelstimmen. Foto: Escy


Das Hollemann-Experiment

Bin in dieser Angelegenheit spät dran. Verstehe das Ganze eh nicht so richtig, möchte aber trotzdem mitmachen. Ich will zum Gelingen des einmaligen Hollemann-Experimentes beitragen. Unbedingt.

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3. Stefan Niggemeier

Schon bald wird es heißen: Hamster! Du hast nichts begriffen! Das Experiment ist gescheitert – nur wegen Dir! Lies doch mal die Gebrauchsanweisung! Nein, ich lese keine Gebrauchsanweisungen – grundsätzlich und allein schon aus religiösen Gründen nicht. Ein gutes Experiment muß sich durch sich selbst erklären können. Wie damals bei der Luftwaffe. Da war das auch so.