The Case „Mrs Miller“ – The Glory of The Human Voice!

12 May

Without doubt, Mrs Miller was the Florence Foster Jenkins of the 1960s. Her success, like that of Florence Foster Jenkins and Wing as well, was definitely due to the perceived awfulness of her singing. It seems that the record label Capitol was keen to emphasize this — in a 1967 interview with Life magazine, she said that during recording sessions she was conducted half a beat ahead or behind time, and the worst of several different recordings of a song would be included on the finished record. She claimed to be initially unaware that her technical inability was being ridiculed, but eventually realised what was going on. At first she resented this, but might have decided to play along with the joke.

She appeared on the Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin, Joey Bishop, Mike Douglas and Jack Paar shows, sang for the troops in Vietnam, performed at the Hollywood Bowl and appeared in Roddy McDowall’s film The Cool Ones, in which she performed It’s Magic to a groovy Billy Strange arrangement. One of the great novelty acts of all time: Her rendition of Downtown, for example, sounds like a karaoke version as she sings over a professional instrumental section. It includes an instance where she briefly breaks into giggling and several moments where she apparently forgets the lyrics she is singing.

However, as with other novelty acts who were popular in the 60s, interest in Mrs. Miller soon waned. She was dropped by Capitol, and in 1968 she released her final album, Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing on the small Amaret label. She later put out a couple of singles on her own Vibrato Records. By the mid-1970s, she had retired from singing. She died July the 5th in 1997 and this is how her grave looks like.

Do you remember Nancy Sinatra’s These boots are made for walking? Well, Mrs Miller opened the door to “Welcome to the world of another interpretation” quite wide. By the way, when you watch this video; does it need to point out that I have a serious fable for minimalism? Enjoy! It is hard to imitate noveltry, however, there are always some guys ignoring that fact: Nachtrag vom 23.7.2007: Hans Mentz: Humorkritik


Sendeankündigung Meerschweinchenreport

(12.5.2007) 15:00 – 17:00

Studenten des Fachbereichs Kommunikationsdesign an der FH Wiesbaden erläutern das Konzept ihres Radioprojektes (Prof. Rüdiger Pichler).