Put the dogs on the table!

22 Jun


Warmth and strength at winter’s time
makes the sun sometimes shine,
makes the one that grows in me
a solid rock as you can see.
A shock, so light might be the way
and honestly I have to say,
pointing out I have to stay
where I belong and you will be!
My tree of life guides me to you,
the sea of love tells me it’s true,
the birds above with flattering wings,
so snow white brown and now it rings
the holy bell of children’s swings.
Well, just let us see what it brings….
The strings of music shall be our label,
so please be so kind and put the dogs on the table!


A dog is a person who can understand
that we have been gliding on tune’s best friend,
that we have been riding to honeymoon’s end.
I hope there’s a land that reverses our souls,
I hope there’s a band that merges all flows
and will put them in places where our wind blows.
Some doors might be open; others are locked
and I am still hopin’ that you aren’t blocked
so definitively in dignity and overdosed length,
a dog is a person who appreciates strength.
It also expects that live will be mixed,
everything ’s in motion, so nothing is fixed!
With a blimp of an eye the shrink says ‘bye bye’,
will we be able to take off and fly?
Let’s try a new love, it shall be our label,
So please be so kind and put the dogs on the table!


Once in a while we’ll get used to it,
smiling and chewing a little bit
from our chunky little piece of love,
from our funky saddle riddling dove.
Being a part from all prisoners of life,
we shall understand that you are my wife
and I shall be your man
and that I am your greatest fan!
We declare ourselves to this addicted:
Guilty of love! So shall we be convicted?
From now on we both will be able:
putting together our dogs on the table!
And when we grow apart and when we get matured
there’s one and only thing that shall forever be ensured:
Spicy, hungry love will be our fable,
so please be so kind and put the dogs on the table!


Will you?

Copyright: © 2003 by Hamlet Hamster; hamster&james h.n.c.