27 Sep


The unbeatable advantage of youth is classless thinking. As long as certain attitudes or mental correction by your parents did not have influenced you, you will have basically selected your friends and social surrounding by yourself or in line with the opinions of other friends you looked up to. One so-called attitude is the way you dress or get dressed, depending whether you had been able to enjoy the luxurious advantage of being allowed to create your own outfit – or not. Boys normally prefer practical clothing. They do not care about adjectives like pretty, smart, cute or whatever as long as they can play football without being brought to justice by a headache-suffering mother afterwards. Girls however are differently structured. They carry a badge on their forehead, displaying Barbie-Chip Inside, which keeps them constantly in front of any mirror that they can occupy, even it is a self-reflecting shopping window.

So what make parents presenting their children like first class crash test dummies? In some ways kids might be nothing but toys they love to play with. Like a car, a house, a horse, a dog, diamonds or a wealthy bank account. All of these items represent social standing, but they also mean the owners accept certain rules that keep our society functional. They see it as their duty to honour these laws by introducing their up and coming family members with precisely these mechanisms. To me, special family events, such as Communion, birthday parties, Christmas or similar happenings, were directly linked to wearing clothes I did not like at all. I always found myself looking awfully stupid and – even worse – the wool was unacceptably scratching my skin! I felt quite uncomfortable and there was not a single argument that could have had the power to make the vision of becoming an adult look tasty to me.

So here we are. Wearing pretty clothes is not only a question of celebrating superficiality. It is also a matter of training the youth to deal with unusual or unpleasant situations and to stand their own ground, man or woman. Conclusion: Whenever we see completely overdressed people worshipping the Holy Lord of surface, we shall never ever underestimate the educational aspect of looking good!

Copyright: © by Hamlet Hamster; hamster&james h.n.c.
Exclusively written for M Publication Volume 02 (Luxury), Frankfurt a.M.