FLUXUS Performance by Ben Patterson

20 Apr

Ben Patterson instructing his crew members. (Click to enlarge)

All crew members are getting dressed.

Ben Patterson’s crew members are about to enter the famous Schlachthof halls in Wiesbaden.

Animals are about to make their way to the bonfire situation.

The bonfire situation; later participated by some sweet little Knickerfrösche making lots of interessting noises.

Religiously motivated music appears; our animals are handing over much more sweet little Knickerfrösche to the audience. May be an art communion, well, let’s say: sort of…

… see?

Ben Patterson (right) Link to kunstaspekte


DJs Ponderosa, Big Mike E and Mr. Fisher are gaining ground…

… see?

… see?

Airbrush Army, see?

A proper confession, see?

… see?

Resumtion: It was a great event, great to having have had Mr Ben Patterson with us, not to say, inside of us – well, inside all of us, just to be perfectly precise – the mental food was – so to speak – more than just nutritious; and the copywriter of these lines is quite aware of the fact that Ben Patterson should better never ever get aware of them…see?

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