To viral, or not to viral…

17 Jul

After watching Flugzeugträger Ronald Reagan on Phoenix for – just let me be generous – two or three dozens of times; after watching Sink the Bismark on Phoenix for – just let me be generous again – two or three dozens of times, I thought that it might be a perfect idea to take care a little bit more about me, myself and my work.

So I entered the magic term Meerschweinchenreport into this veryveryvery magic and quite unique search engine and found myself totally thrilled. What an experience! In addition I found some blog entries from collegues about Meerschweinchenreport I wasn’t aware of, and then, I found my mental full stop on The author is publishing one of my photographs I took from a great FLUXUS-Performance by Ben Patterson in Wiesbaden’s Schlachthof earlier this year; organised by Michael Eibes. (Here is the complete photo essay)

Ok, so here we are and there above you are warmely invited to spend two minutes of your most valuable lifetime. In return you become entertained. Sounds like a fair deal? It is a fair deal. The question that should arise now: To viral, or not to viral?

However, before you’re about to make up your mind you should better read this. No answer is guaranteed.