Is Photography Art?

21 Jul

Andy Warhol’s magazine INTERVIEW featuring photography as art in 1974.

Left: ad for Duchamp; right: a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe showing a ready-made composition which could have been created by Marcel Duchamp.

As a baby I once sat on Ileana Sonnabend‘s shoulder, my parents who were responsible for this meeting told me so in later life. (Isn’t it interesting? There is no Wikipedia article about Ileana Sonnabend in English…)

Making my way through the Internet, sort of daily business as usual, once more I put my digital feet on foreign blog ground which, in this case, is entitled to be named Search+Destroy Blog – a great place to be. I spent some time in it and found this and that. But Search+Destroy in combination with art, well folks, a special kind of associations are arising you do not really want to be introduced to them. Ok, ok, ok I give you one special quote, taken from the movie Mr Bean, I just gave to you recently while reflecting about Art|41|Basel – just ensuring you feel home:

Burt Reynolds plays General Newton who just paid the lovely sum of some $50m for America’s most important painting named “Whistler’s Mother“. General Newton addresses on the Grand Art Opening to the public: “I am not a particular art lover. I don’t know the difference between a Picasso and a car crash. But I love my country. And I can’t stand that some Frenchies own America’s most important painting. (He reaches out for the magnetic chip card in order to reveal the painting. He pushes the card into the slot.) Welcome home, ma!

Visiting Search+Destroy you don’t have to be afraid that someone treats you like a Picasso in that already indicated, more military, way. And you’ll see more spreads. And more other blog entries. And, and, and…the layout makes you feel perfumed quite sophisticatedly.

However, I find it a bit sad that there is no information if this Interview’s issue contains an essay by Susan Sontag. I bet it does.

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