An Astonishing Ship House

26 Feb

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An unusual ship-house was built by one countryman in Borovoy Township. He says that the idea came to him in a dream. It’s interesting, that the house was built without any drafts and engineering drawings! «I have the drawings in my head» – says Nikolay. The house is 9 meters in height, and 14 meters in length. On the first floor (the galley) there are baths, swimming pool and water closet. In the forebody there is a kitchen. Big drawing room, two bedrooms and nursery are situated on the second floor(the wardroom). On the third floor (the deck cabin) Nikolay made a greenhouse. he building started on a magical date – the 7th of July, 2007. At first Nikolay wanted to build a bath there, but then he decided to make it habitable. He also makes very pretty swans from old automobile sneakers!

via: English Russia

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