Chalkboard Globe

12 Mar

When Christopher Columbus was discovering America; when Sir Francis Drake was fighting down the Spanish Armada and Admiral Lord Nelson had beaten the Spanish-French-Coalition at Trafalgar; when Marco Polo made his way to China and the fleet of Henry the Navigator conquered parts of Africa and the Canary Islands they all ensured one thing before sending their ships over the sea: a Calkboard Globe had to be aboard!

Certainly, they all kept their normal navigation equipment with them and it always made a pretty good job. No doubt. But this Calkboard Globe was something unique, a special secret, which was to be seen as a sophisticated weapon playing a huge role in the world of imagination, an imagination which was precisely positioned nowhere less than in great leaders’ minds and heads. Leaders, provided with the unbeatable power to move mountains, which in fact, they took full advantage of. In their master-rooms, they created their own world based on their own visions, hopes and dreams. Here, they took their tiny little pieces of chalk and drew their own world on their tiny little globes; visions they ensured that they would become pure and big reality – only seconds later.

Remember Ferdinand de Lesseps how he built the Suez Canal «with» the support of his Chalkboard Globe and how he failed so dramatically in completing the Panama Canal «without» his beloved Chalkboard Globe. A crocodile just ate it. Remember President Nixon and how he tumbled over the Watergate-Scandal by not having placed his Chalkboard Globe on his desk properly. However, Ferdinand de Lesseps and President Nixon were not the only victims who lost their rulership by not having considered their Chalkboard Globe’s magic energy and supporting mechanisms anymore. In later life, Ferdinand de Lesseps opened a factory for crocodile shoes and handbags; Richard Nixon, however, drowned in self-made ignorance and stupidity. Napoleon Bonaparte is another case of example: When starting to invade Russia on June, 23rd 1812, he was off his Chalkboard Globe: None of his visions, none of his hopes and dreams could have been made transparent and analyzed on its chalky surface by himself no more. His show was over. Napoleon ended up totally thrilled and lost in Russia’s Nowhere Land and finally on Saint Helena where, as it is said, he was slowly but surely poisoned by his happily laughing enemies.

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