Les vacances de Monsieur Arnold Schwarzenegger: «Brickfist For Breakfast»

18 Jul

Painting by Sylvester Stallone

Pretending that life is like holidays as long as you are getting paid for it perfectly, Arnold Schwarzenegger made it clear and quite special when he addressed to the kids: «Between a brickfist and a breakfast, there are no real differences. Preferably we should say that the one can’t really live without the other. A brickfist is mainly for people who don’t want to eat. So, in these cases, the brickfist always prepares the way for the breakfast.»

And the kids were replying: «Oh yes, Arnie, we promise that we’re all very, very hungry and that we all want to become like you!»

Arnie’s final demand: «And you promise to always use a strong and protective toothpaste with strawberry flavour?»

The kids promised and they lived happily ever after.


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