Synopsis: «Positively Positive»

28 Aug

After noticing the girls’ bus driver Dennis (Meat Loaf) missing, Victoria decides to drive herself. So, it becomes a race against time as she drives like a maniac, screaming, «Get out of the way! Get out of the way!» to innocent bystanders. Along the way to the Royal Albert Hall, the bus drives by Buckingham Palace and the girls all wave to the Royal Family. The girls end up on the roof of the bus and fall through its sunroof, collapsing onto each other in a pile when Victoria puts her foot down on the gas pedal. While approaching to the Tower Bridge, it starts to go up to let a boat through. They land safely on the other side, but when Emma opens a trapdoor in the floor, she discovers a bomb, and the girls scream before Emma slams the trapdoor shut again. The girls arrive at the Royal Albert Hall, and run up the steps to the Rocky theme, but they have one more obstacle to overcome; a London policeman (Kevin McNally) charged the girls with dangerous driving, criminal damage, flying a bus without a license, and frightening the pigeons. Emma is pushed forward, and she explains to him they were in a hurry. She smiles at him, and he lets them off.

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Complete copy from Philipp Jahner
(who also contributes to Spreeblick) via: Delphine hauen

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