Berlin School of Creative Leadership: «The Freitag Brothers’ President’s Lecture»

23 Sep

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We already introduced Berlin School of Creative Leadership to our readers when living advertising legend Sir John Hegarty held his President’s Lecture in Berlin’s Franklinstreet in order to make up-coming and most talented executives much more up-coming and, not to forget, much more talented as well. Followed by Bertelsmann’s CEO Hartmut Ostrowski, this time’s President’s Lecture was given by two very successfully operating brothers who conquered the design oriented part of the world with their recycling bags, simply called «Freitag».

In other words: They launched one of the great startup cult brands of the last two decades: Freitag, the iconic bags made of recycled materials. Now the Freitag Brothers explain precisely how they did it. This is what their President’s Lecture is all about.

Berlin School’s President Michael Conrad is introducing our blog photographer Andreas Baier to the Freitag Brothers who both will be interviewed by him shortly.

What did we say?

Michael Conrad introduces the Freitag Brothers to the audience.

The Freitag Brothers started projecting numbers, such as 1967, against the screen. They told us about their lives and why the idea of recycling is so drivingly important to them. They explained us that they are not going for market research in any way when launching a new product is in sight. They just do what they prefer most. They simply go for their own taste. Obviously there are enough fellows around the globe who have been provided with the same kind of feeling for a suitable product design. Interestingly, when they were about opening their first shop, they didn’t go to mainstream places like New York, Rio or Tokyo – they went to St. Moritz. What a smart move! They also told us how they had been copied by Migros which started to offer so-called «Donnerstag»-Bags to their customers for some EURO 25,-. Instantly, they felt being honoured by such an intensive attention their bags were seeking.

A producer of high-class leather shoes would have shown us some cows, horses, crocodiles or even mockingbirds enjoying their well-earned sundown. This would happen to teaching us where their material comes from – and how it felt before being offered the unique opportunity of helping out a small part of mankind to look far more better than the other and much more larger part of it. Well, as we said, the Freitag Brothers are a new kind: they’re special.

The Freitag Brothers’ very first bag.

Michael Conrad is as fascinated as all others.

Questions after questions after questions: they were all answered.

On videoscreen: all the same.

After the lecture there was enough space and time to go creative. Most wanted: to have a tourist-look-a-like snapshot showing oneself together with one or both of the Freitag Brothers who are as famous as the Eiffel Tower.

The Freitag Brothers and Mr Congratulations.

The Freitag Brothers bag-shooting starts. Freitag Bags are a «must have». No wonder that most of Berlin School’s this years participants wanted to be portrayed with both Freitag Brothers and their individual Freitag Bag. Just in order to put things that belong together together.

«Now it’s your turn!»


Again and again.

Again and again and again.

Michael Conrad Hall: The Freitag Brothers are putting themselves up against the wall.

Even here: the Freitag Brothers are driven by pure perfectionism.

The Freitag Brothers are making progress.

Voilà, the work has just been done!

Relaxed get together: Participants discussing Freitag Brothers’ inspiring lecture.

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