Berlin School of Creative Leadership: «Hartmut Ostrowski’s President’s Lecture»

10 Oct

Hartmut Ostrowski is Bertelsmann’s CEO and about to give his President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Your most loveliest and gorgeous Hamlet Hamster calls himself an expert in almost all sorts of creative things, however, not in business affairs at all. So, please do not expect a summary of Hartmut Ostrowski’s speech. It could only produce confusion. On the photograph: Michael Conrad, President of the Berlin School, Hartmut Ostrowski, CEO Bertelsmann, Sebastian Turner, Scholz & Friends’ former Big Brain!, and two young gentlemen from Bertelsmann as well.

Sebastian Turner, the two young gentlemen from Bertelsmann and Michael Conrad discusses with Michael Schirner, GGK’s former Big Brain!.

Hartmut Ostrowski listens to one of the two young gentlemen from Bertelsmann.

Short before Mr Ostrowski’s President’s Lecture starts some this year’s BSCL-participants (Tom Hidvegi, Anca Nuta, Uroš Goričan and Kate Cox) are about to find out how it feels delivering a perfect performance.

Michael Conrad warmly welcomes Hartmut Ostrowski and reflects in front of the audience about his childhood-memories when the «Bertelsmann Buchclub» played a major part in it.

Rafael Aparicio, Hartmut Ostrowski and Sarah McGill.

Sarah McGill and Sebastian Turner.

Complete President’s Lectures on video tape.

Clark Parsons, Managing Director, Berlin School of Creative Leadership, addresses the importance of the President’s Lecture to the audience.

Sebastian Turner.

Hartmut Ostrowski starts his President’s Lecture.

Michael Schirner and Frances Luckin.

The microphone travels around the classroom. A lot of questions are waiting to be answered by Bertelsmann’s CEO.

Michael Conrad farewells Hartmut Ostrowski.

Get together after Hartmut Ostrowski’s President’s Lecture.

Same situation, seen from a different angle: Michael Schirner in contact with participants.

Participants, participants, participants: They all enjoy the Berlin-School-Lectures very much. On the right-hand side: Jennifer Hoff and Stein Kvae.

Uroš Goričan (blue shirt), André Stäheli, Rafael Aparicio, Anca Nuta (back) and Kate Cox (croissant).

Tom Hidvegi, Clark Parsons (back), Susann Schronen (digitally coloured hair), and two other participants who will wait patiently until they will be identified by our blog photographer Andreas Baier.

Michael Conrad welcomes guests.

Bertelsmann’s CEO Hartmut Ostrowski does Social Media via his smartphone.

Professor of Strategy & International Management, Paul Verdin, discusses with the two young gentlemen from Bertelsmann.

Professor of Strategy & International Management, Paul Verdin, discusses with Hartmut Ostrowski.

Rafael Aparicio discusses with Hartmut Ostrowski. Left: Kate Cox.

Sarah McGill, Nik Arnhold and Sebastian Turner.

Kazi Monirul Kabir, Sarah Mc Gill, Michael Conrad and Nik Arnhold.

Sebastian Turner leans forward and examines Hartmut Ostrowski’s and his assistant’s ties. His result: Perfect result! This day’s President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership is all over now.

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