Jean-Claude L’Oréal and Rachel Weisz: «The Art Of Being Edgy»

1 Feb

It has been brought to Meerschweinchenreport’s attention that the two artists, director Jean-Claude L’Oréal and Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz, finally managed to get their new art short movie entitled «Revitalift Repair anti-ageing cream» banned from any UK screen.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (which had banned one of our public awareness campaigns as well) was recognising that L’Oréal’s artwork was «digitally enhanced». My goodness!

So we have to ask our readers in order to find out what they prefer more: to look at Rachel Weisz being left purely natural – or at her visually upgraded version on the right-hand side? And before we forget: What is the main purpose of make-up anyway?

via: More About Advertising

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.