Picasso and Matisse in Advertising

5 Feb

Shiseido Werbung

Why is PS Disasters blaming Shiseido’s ad above? Why PS Disaster-reader Richard writes «The graphic designers responsible for this shouldn’t be fired; they should be barred from computers for life»? Is there really a right or wrong that has to be re-established that way? The Germans already had a time where perfectionism of that kind was in order: bewteen 1933 and 1945. With their exhibition «Degenerate art», the Nazis tried to tell the rest of the world what has to be, and what must not. Does intolerance rise again?

Just have a look at Picasso’s and Matisse’s work – and decide for yourself who «should be barred from computers for life»? The people from Shiseido or from PS Disasters?

Picasso: Nude Wringing Her Hair

Picasso: Nude in the Garden, 1934
National Picasso Museum, Paris

Matisse: Blue Nude

Meerschweinchenreport says that this is nothing but a perfect example of how art influences our daily view through the glasses of reality. Or, just to quote Albert Einstein: «To put it boldly, it is the attempt at a posterior reconstruction of existence by the process of conceptualization.»

Normally, advertising is criticised for only scratching the surface. Here, we are dealing with an ad delivering serious content designed to make people think about the meaning of life. And what do our selfish critics do? They are scratching the surface. Haha!

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.