Best George Clooney Look-A-Like Contest ever!

18 Feb

Screenshot Huffington Post

Well, whatever matches, it matches. There are, however, some doubters. Here are some of their voices: «One wrote: “What criteria was used? Possibly just one? That he be male and have hair?” while another, perhaps cruelly, said: “Who judged this? Stevie Wonder?”»

Well, aren’t we all aware of a most beautiful thing called «British Humour»? And if so, what does it tell us? Well, there we go because we think that this is an outstanding masterpiece of British Humour!

And this very special British Humour continues: David James Glendon, who successfully pipped 782 other entrants, may attend the Academy Award Ceremony in late February this very same year in Hollywood! We wouldn’t wonder if he’s going to become the next James Bond.

David! Our warmest congrats! Very well done!

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