Edward Quinn: «Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock»

13 Jul

Edward Quinn: «Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock»; 1954

We cannot precisely say that Alfred Hitchcock was pretty much amused when his gold donkey («Goldesel» – as we say in Germany), carrying this marvellous name Grace Kelly around the globe and on her v-card, married Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi, Count of Polignac and the Prince of Monaco in 1956, an event which automatically ended her career as one of the most hottest and wanted Hollywood divas with a blimp of an eye.

Nevertheless, this photograph, taken by Edward Quinn in the year 1954, displays the basis of their harmoniously and perfectly working cooperating system: Our Full English Gentleman is celebrating High Tea with the later Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco. At that present moment they both were working on To Catch a Thief in Cannes.

Edward Quinn’s website provides us with some information about himself: «Born 1920 in Ireland, lived and worked since 1950 as a photographer on the French Riviera. During the “Golden Fifties” this was the favored playground retreat for celebrities from the world of show biz, art and business. The Edward Quinn Archive contains more then 100’000 photos from the 1950s up to the 1970s. It’s very likely that every famous person who visited the French Riviera at the time was photographed by Quinn. The most important part of the archive consists of about 10’000 photos of Picasso.»

We like to strongly recommend his two books: «Riviera Cocktail» and «Stars And Cars Of The ’50s».

At the very present moment the Hamburg based gallery Photography Monika Mohr Galerie shows «Edward Quinn: Pablo Picasso» from June 5th until October 9th 2012.

Website: Edward Quinn
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