Julia Cybularz: «The Mathematician»

29 Aug

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Visiting Julia Cybularz’s Website the first thing you see is the portrait shown above. It doesn’t take long to imagine a very clever re-interpretation of Jan Vermeer’s view. We know his The Astronomer or The Geographer or The Pearl Necklace. There is always this typical window light coming straight from the left. So, and now we know Julia Cybularz’s «The Mathematician».

Is that all? Certainly not. Learning more about her project «The Mathematician» the next thing we are introduced to is a quote from Samuel Beckett, taken from Waiting for Godot: «We are all born mad. Some remain so.» So, the scene is set for you to see and discover the rest for yourself.

By the milky way: Do you love quoting the same way as we do? If so, here’s another one a bit earlier than previously created by Sigmund Freud: «There is a feeling of freedom we can enjoy when we are able to abandon the straitjacket of logic.» The straightjacket of logic – how cool and inspiring is that? In other terms: Baby, just let’s get irrational tonight? Well, probably this is not what Julia Cybularz’s project is about…

via: T-arte Tartin.

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