Schwarzenegger Keeps Summer In Business

3 Sep

Yes, thanks to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s amazing muscle packages his capable hands were not only responsible to keep our headlined promise quite successfully in an up-right seating position but Donna Summer herself in business as well – untill May 17, 2012, just to be perfectly precise. Only a couple of weeks after this year’s easter bunny’s breakthrough.

Sad enough. But now, there are rumours saying summer in general is about to say bye bye again. Can you believe this? And, most importantly: What do you think about odd word games?

Anyhow, Donna Summer always worked hard for the money, and as a matter of that, she reached her eternal state of independence while walking barefoot through MacArthur’s Park where she heard some real hot stuff on the radio which wasn’t saying Touch Too Much but to Paris with love.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.