President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership: «Thomas Burrell – Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority»

18 Sep

We thought about it a lot. Especially after consuming Thomas Burrell’s President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership entitled: «Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority» on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012. Now we know how to communicate with the rest of the world without facing the problem that somehow somebody somewhere might suffer from an improperly designed statement which could create accidentally mental chaos, belittements, or drive some of the addressed into the emotional situation of being unpleasantly separated from the others. Our conclusion: In this blog entry we only speak non-verbally to our audience through carefully developed pictures in order to pay all the persons you are about to see the maximum amount of respect he or she deserves.

So, we think it is time and most appropriate to quote from Berlin School’s Website to let you know what Thomas Burrell’s lecture was all about in detail: «Inferiority complexes are difficult to overcome an even more difficult to correct. However, effective and intelligent communication can offer a powerful and persuasive tool for breaking down misperceptions and restoring confidence to disenfranchised groups and minorities. How exactly does one best go about correcting negative stereotypes and changing public perception? What modern communication practices have proven to be effective in helping address inferiority complexes? What implications do negative perceptions and inferiority complexes have on business and society?»

Making quoting our second nature here are some facts about Thomas Burrell himself drawn from the same source mentioned before: «Advertising industry visionary Thomas Burrell broke barriers in the media industry when he launched his Chicago-based ad agency in 1971. The company was established with the intention of forging an authentic and respectful relationship with the African American consumer, and to tap into how the Black Aesthetic could also appeal to the general market consumer. For decades, Burrell fought for industry diversification and the opportunity for black agencies to gain general market accounts. In his recent book, Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority (2010) Burrell examines how negative images and stereotypes have impacted America’s view of African-Americans. Burrell is Chairman Emeritus and Founder, Burrell Communication.»

Adrian Botan and Annabel Wahba (Die Zeit)

Michael Conrad

Hermann Vaske and Tassilo von Grolman

Hermann Vaske and Adrian Botan

Michael Conrad welcomes Hermann Vaske

Multitasking at its best

Michael Conrad introduces Thomas Burrell to the audience

Sometimes our photographer puts some extra energy
into the process of digital imaging

David Slocum speaks

David Slocum hands the mike over to Thomas Burrell

Thomas Burrell starts his lecture

«Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority»
means starting at its roots: slavery.

Michael Conrad introduces Adrian Botan to the audience

Adrian Botan (Berlin School EMBA 2010) joined McCann Erickson Romania in 1998. In the fourteen years there as a creative director, his team has won over 150 awards for creativity and effectiveness in competitions spanning from New York Festivals to Cannes and Epica or Eurobest, while McCann Romania was six times the Agency of the Year in three national and regional competitions. In 2007 McCann Romania entered the Gunn Report’s Top 50 creative agencies in the world.

In 2011, under Adrian Botan’s leadership, McCann Romania became the first ever agency in Central and Eastern Europe to take home not one but two Grand Prix and Titanium in Cannes Lions Festival for the campaign “American Takeover” for ROM Chocolate, followed by a clever new campaign to change the negative image of Romania using Google search.

Adrian Botan and David Slocum



Thomas Burrell signs the «Hall of Fame Wall»

Michael Conrad and Thomas Burrell

Thomas Burrell speaks to Jennifer Hoff

Adrian Botan signs the «Hall of Fame Wall»

Thomas Burrell signs his book: (…)

«(…) for Susann Schronen»

«(…) for Hamlet Hamster»

Waiting for signatures: Michael Rösch and Michael Grübbeling

«(…) for Michael Rösch»

«(…) for Tassilo von Grolman»

«Dear Michael, aren’t we all brainwashed,
at least a little bit?

Thomas Burrell demonstrates how it feels being brainwashed

Thomas Burrell and Rafael Aparicio

Nik Arnhold, Sarah McGill and Uroš Goričan

Folker Wrage, Joachim Schronen and Sarah McGill

Some great short and long skirts

Michael Conrad and Tassilo von Grolman

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