James Ronisetti: «Cloud Faces»

13 Jan

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Have you ever heard anything about an artist who calls himself James Ronisetti? Well, if you are a regular reader of our Meerschweinchenreport then you must have come across these two small features (1 + 2) about him.

But is this really him? Well, please allow us to put it this way: It is not. We always wanted to feature him and he always rejected our gentle and tender offers. So, we had to paint him black, had to pump him up with air, had to put him in an envelope, properly addressed and stamped – of course; and that all in order to send him by mail to somebody somewhere. In short: we properly blackmail him; he enjoyed it – and finally HE saw that it was good.

As a result of that he gave us an interview during last year’s Art|Basel. We just talked about the necessity of nothing and about necessity as the mother of invention when suddenly Eli Broad popped around and provided us with his intentional vision of the meaningfulness of the means as a legitimate possibility to interpret oneself.

It was clear that both were making fun of us, which made us feel quite comfortable because fate told us that it was not only good but fair enough as well. Finally Ronisetti allowed us to publish this one print as a reference to his brand new sequence Cloud Faces. Normally, he strictly rejects being brought to public at all, so we felt – in the end – that it was not only fair enough but good to legally do so.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.