Woody Allen: «The Gossage—Vardebedian Papers»

13 Jul

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Searching for a small reference giving our readers a little idea of what Woody Allen’s «The Gossage—Vardebedian Papers» are all about we could not believe our eyes having found the complete text, which was originally published in The New Yorker, January 22, 1966. Surely a serious case of Copyright infringement – as long as Woody Allen does not call himself Max Wolf.

To undo this matter a little bit we like to point out that Woody Allen’s book «Complete Prose» is still available. We are almost certain that you might like to consider buying one copy of his outstanding masterpiece of work.

A short quote: «Gossage:

Received the letter this morning containing your forty-fifth move (your knight captures my queen?), and also your lengthy explanation regarding the mid-September ellipsis in our correspondence. Let me see if I understand you correctly. Your knight, which I removed from the board weeks ago, you now claim should be resting on the king’s fourth square, owing to a letter lost in the mail twenty-three moves ago. I was not aware that any such mishap had occurred, and remember distinctly your making a twenty-second move, which I think was your rook to the queen’s sixth square, where it was subsequently butchered in a gambit of yours that misfired tragically.»

As we already said: You should seriously consider to buying one copy of his outstanding masterpiece of work.

The image above we took from the site A Greek Girl In Glasgow. Should Woody Allen ever get notice the special way the greek girl in Glasgow presents herself while reading his book he would be – we are almost certain – quite amused.

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