Berlin School of Creative Leadership: «Chuck Porter’s President’s Lecture»

1 Aug

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We first met Chuck Porter when he was staging as the Jury’s President of the German Art Director’s Club Awards in 2011. He was nothing but constantly illuminating creative minds until they were all blasted off irreversibly. We might like to provide those of our readers who are not that much involved into advertising business with a creative reference: The same way the UK enjoys being allowed to proudly pointing out that Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) is a natural born British agency, the same way the US can refer to Crispin Porter Bogusky (CP+B) as an adequate counterpart concerning creative disciplines of any kind. Their campaigns are as striking as the ones from BBH and their virals are as viral as the stuff from The Viral Factory.

In fact, CP+B did one of the first and still most successful viral in advertising’s history: Burger King’s Subservient Chicken. Despite the circumstance that it is almost impossible to find an earthling who had never ever heard of it you are welcome to read here and here all about it.

We look out of the window at Franklinstrasse 15 and see a white swan with blue frozen feet. This does not happen very often but when it does, it is a very good evidence that somewhere quite in the near first-class-creativity is waiting to be transferred from one mastermind to a lot of other brains that are desperately eager to become one themselves.

Michael Conrad and Michael Schirner.

Michael Conrad welcomes Berlin School’s participants and guests…

and introduces Chuck Porter.

There he is: Chuck Porter joined the Crispin Agency in 1988 as Creative Director and Partner after a long career as an award-winning freelance copywriter. The agency was renamed Crispin & Porter, and within three years it had doubled in size and been named as one of the top 15 creative shops in the country.

Today, the agency has approximately 1,000 people, with offices in Miami, Boulder, Los Angeles, London and Gothenberg, Sweden. CP+B’s clients include Microsoft, Best Buy, KRAFT, Domino’s, and Old Navy. The agency has been profiled in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Fast Company. In 2009, CP+B was named Agency of the Year by Advertising Age, Adweek and Creativity magazine and in 2010 was selected by Advertising Age as Agency of the Decade.

All Berlin School’s participants are about to stand up in order to show that they are Berlin School’s participants.

Chuck Porter in Forbes about «The most important thing you must do».

For example: testing the functionality of one’s own electrification. Scientific background: A human brain generates nearly 25 watts of power while you’re awake, which is enough to light up a light bulb. Caught here.

After slightly pushing the airbutton in order to temporarily extinguish his lightbrainbulb Captain Porter is now ready to take off. And so are all guests and participants as well.

In the beginning, as it seems, there was not only light but also a creative genius named David Ogilvy.

This is the place where David Ogilvy used to live at last. Chuck Porter says that in today’s world you have to start being creative on the financial side of advertising because some essential things (creative fees) have changed significantly. Well, but didn’t the Lord say that the way shall be our destination?

And when we look at the castle we have to admit that it is a nice destination: the grass-green-way. Ok, there is one little thing that caused so many changes in so many ways, and this one little thing is best known as computer, which might make it a bit harder to stick out of the mass. Nevertheless we strongly believe in the magic gap that still makes an extraordinary income structure possible – even for contemporary advertisers. A belief Chuck Porter is about to proof that it is justified.

Ha! There we go! And the magic gap has a name too: unexpectedness. By the milky way, this is Chuck Porter in Cannes about how to start a creative agency (Part I and Part II).

How to turn carrots …

into «Scarrots» and gain a tremendous business success. The main claim was «Carrots – Eat ‘em like junk food». This article tells you everything about this great and stunning campaign that contains also some quite thrilling POS-ideas!

The most efficient thing CP+B ever created was the Pizza Tracker for their client Domino’s Pizza, which lets customers track their pizza order at all stages of the delivery process, even down to which member of staff is dealing with it. A new feature of Domino’s Tracker is that consumers now have the chance to post their feedback.

During the hot phase of this campaign, Domino’s was posting online customer reviews – positive and negative – on a Times Square billboard, from July 25th until August 23rd 2011. Surely another Crispin, Porter + Bogusky’s great high-profile stunt for the brand. Do Domino’s customers gain self-confidence when consuming a product that has been created by a company that seems to be stuffed with it «bis unter die Halskrause» – as we say in Germany? It could be possible…

The president of Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Michael Conrad enjoys the great atmosphere during Chuck Porter’s President’s Lecture.

In 2001 Miami advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky won a $100,000 grand prize from the Magazine Publishers of America’s Kelly Awards for its campaign to launch the Mini car. The Kelly Awards honour magazine campaigns that demonstrate creative excellence and effectiveness. They are named for Stephen E. Kelly, a former MPA president who devoted his career to magazine publishing. He promoted the concept that creative magazine advertising made the difference in sales results – a concept that became the guiding principle for the Kelly Awards. This is a non-print commercial entitled «‪Counterfeit Mini‬»:

And now, ehm räusper, just in case you are able to deal with all sorts and types of phonetic specialities coming along with the German language you are warmly welcome to get in touch with one of our very own MINI productions we once did without any assignment but stuffed with pure passion «bis unter die Halskrause» – as we say in Germany: A young couple sits in a MINI car kissing and kissing and kissing while a sophisticated poem coming out of the off interpreting what’s been happening on screen.

While providing some hair with a touch of digital blue we were hooked and thrilled by the idea that the process of intensive thinking will cool down human brains. We did some research on that and could not find any evidence that thinking in general is able to affect a brain’s temperature in any way. But wherever there is pain there is a smile as well. We found something else: Six Lazy Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive.

The tricks are: 1) Use Your Procrastination to Your Advantage; 2) Use Your Office Lighting and Temperature to Boost Productivity; 3) Take Your Work to a Coffee Shop; 4) Take a Nap; 5) Play Unfamiliar Music While You’re Working; and – about the sixth one we’re not really sure: 6) Look at Photos of Cute Baby Animals.

Michael Conrad thanks Chuck Porter for his great lecture.

Well, there were still a couple of questions desperately waiting to be answered. One was: «Bill Gates once said that he always chooses a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. Is brilliant advertising based on lazy people’s work?» Chuck Porter’s answer was very diplomatic. Very much, indeed!

Regarding the fact that our holy beloved blog officially still remains in a temporarily frozen condition that shall be described best as «we’re on summer vacation», not all photographs do carry subtitles. We kindly ask you to forgive us. However, we think that the atmosphere all photographs do transport stands for itself.

Tassilo von Grolman.

Our Meerschweinchenreport’s copywriter-in-chief, Herr Hamlet Hamster, created a spontaneously written hymn entitled «A Way to Success in Winter’s Time» on Tassilo von Grolman’s new teapot creation «ellipse» for «mono»; after enjoying some portions of Japan Sencha, which was floating harmoniously over the serving top straight into the hungry stomach of a tea storing experienced mug while snow flakes were dancing so mindlessly under the roof of free nature, all that in order to encourage our copywriter-in-chief to create a spontaneously written hymn entitled «A Way to Success in Winter’s Time» on Tassilo von Grolman’s new teapot creation «ellipse» for «mono»; after enjoying some portions of Japan Sencha…; all that and best to our knowledge that putting one’s output on heavy rotation is surely one of the few successful keys to develop a greater public awareness.

Hans-Joachim «Bulle» Berndt and Michael Schirner.

Hans-Joachim «Bulle» Berndt and Susan Schronen.

Chuck Porter and Rafael Aparicio.

Michael Conrad and Michael Schirner.

Michael Conrad, Michael Schirner and Tassilo von Grolman.

Our photographer loves this elevator in particular and optical illusions in general. Optical illusion? Well, sort of …


Here’s the Tent Talk between Michael Conrad and Chuck Porter:


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