Alfred Hitchcock’s «The Birds» In Less Than Two Minutes

14 Aug

We are living in strange times. Office Suites, such als Microsoft’s «Office Suite» or Apache’s «OpenOffice», offer an interesting and quite funny possibility for their users to summarise or to abstract the content of a complete text, no matter how long it may be. Since then these features have been establishing a new way to pump-up the humourous volume of parties. From this point of view: not that bad at all.

On the other side, students at school or university find it more and more often very stressful and difficult to get to the real point of an individual content’s asset because of the use of such useless gadgets. Where will this all end? Homeless on the streets? In a Monastery? In an Abbey? Or as a Member of Parliament?

We have absolutely no idea, and even not which one was first: the shortening features as just described or Movie-A-Minute.

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