Museum of Bad Art: «The Collection»

20 Sep

«Blue Mushroom Man»
Artist: Matthew Johnson; 36-x-24; Acrylic on Canvas

The pieces in the MOBA collection range from the work of talented artists that have gone awry to works of exuberant, although crude, execution by artists barely in control of the brush. What they all have in common is a special quality that sets them apart in one way or another from the merely incompetent. These pictures will neither never ever have a chance being exhibited in an established museum nor is it nearly impossible to ignore their eye-catching forces dragging you straight into them.

«Safe At Home»
Artist: anonymous; 24-x-32; Oil on Canvas

MOBA was founded in the fall of 1993 and presented its first show in March 1994. The response was overwhelming. Since then, MOBA’s collection and ambitions have grown exponentially. With greater success than expected: «In 1996 “Eileen” a portrait was stolen from the Dedham gallery. The museum offered a reward of $6.50 for the return of the painting eventually increasing the reward amount to $36.73. In 2006 the museum was contacted and a ransom demand of $5,000 for the return of the painting was received. When the demand was not paid the painting was returned. It was because of this theft the museum installed a fake video camera with the sign “Warning. This gallery is protected by a fake security camera.” This was apparently not enough of a deterent because in 2004 the painting “Self Portrait as a Drainpipe” by Rebecca Harris was stolen and a ransom demand of $10 was issued. This too was ignored and the painting along with a $10 donation was returned. The museum focuses on bad art not crafts or kitsch. Their motto is “Art to bad to be ignored” and submission standards are very high.» – Quote taken in full lenght from Timm Carney’s Damnit.

«The Picnic And A Village Eating Tree»
Artist:Anonymous; 22-x-30; Oil on Canvas;
Donated from the collection of Mark Onishuk

The Museum of Bad Art’s book «Masterworks» presents a pulsating collection of more than seventy never-before-published pieces of artwork from MOBA’s permanent collection. Comprised largely of canvases found discarded on curbside trash piles or obtained for a pittance at thrift stores, this innovative compilation occupies a niche previously ignored in the international community of art collection, preservation, and interpretation. If the subjectivity of art appreciation were ever in doubt, this astonishing assortment of artistic commentaries will fan the flames of controversy. It is clear that many of these artists suffered for their art; now it’s your turn: You can buy the book via Massachusetts Bay Trading Company.

«A Day At The Clothing Optional Beach»

One thing which makes the MOBA-collection so hilariously interesting is that you do spot here a little bit of Francis Bacon and there a spit of Enzo Cucchi mashed-up with Francisco José de Goya and so on, and so on – and all these ingredients are carefully and most ambitiously blended with a huge portion of incompetence; surely the same way you do identify a certain amount of Mozart’s famous «Der Hölle Rache» Aria from his Magic Flute interpreted by in some ways much more famous Florence Foster Jenkins.

Writing our review on this matter we just got the idea to recommend a strong media-mix-coctail: While enjoying MOBA’s book «Masterworks» you should seriously consider listening to Florence Foster Jenkins’ CD all at once. You really should!

As a positive side-effect we are almost certain that this combination might even get the most passionated drug addict away from his holy beloved heroin, cocaine or whatever… All we can say is: Try it!

«The Cupboard Was Bare»
Artist: Pangorda; 30-x-24; Mixed Media

To make MOBA’s Collection as popoular as even possible the Founder Michael Frank and his team do play all of their marketing cards straight: Fritzi Huber of Wilmington, NY, won the 12th Guest Interpretator’s Challenge.

«Dissent From The Pedastal»
Artist: Robert Macleod; 30-x-36; Oil on Canvas

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