Ernst Haas: «The Master of Visual Genesis»

6 Oct

June 1968: «Cars outside an entrance way
seen through a windscreen at nightime»

New Mexico 1969: «Albuquerque»

1980: «Pedestrians crossing a New York
street in winter time cast long shadows»

Short after his own death on September 12, 1986, Ernst Haas decided in a dramatic step to reopen his eyes in order to leave one last message, which seemed to be so much important to him: «Every one of us wants to take beautiful, striking, extraordinary pictures. Every one of us is struggling with his own style. Changes don’t come purely by will power alone, but they never come by being satisfied. Let us be more critical with each other: it will bring us closer. Let us find a new common denominator in the struggle, not to follow our own standards of invention. Don’t cover—discover!» He then closed his eyes again – and that was it.

Website: Ernst Haas.

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