Berlin School of Creative Leadership: «Andrew Loog Oldham’s President’s Lecture»

25 Mar

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Andrew Loog Oldham is best known as the manager who helped propel the Rolling Stones to worldwide stardom and crafted their bad boy image so well it became both their brand and burden. From 1963 to 1967, he also produced all Rolling Stones recordings despite having no previous experience as a producer. Oldham saw potential in the group being positioned as an anti-Beatles – a rougher group compared to the cuddly moptop image of the Beatles at that time. After Oldham’s departure, his relationship with the Rolling Stones was strained for several years. According to the Rolling Stones’ website: «Accounts regarding the value of his musical input to The Stones recordings vary, from negligible to absolute zero».

But does this any matter? Certainly not, otherwise we would not care at all and this time’s President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership would not have been held by one of the ones of the 1960s and 1970s music business, would it? Nik Cohn said about him: «The most flash personality British pop ever had, the most anarchic and obsessive and imaginative hustler of all».

So, our staff photographer decided to honour this very special time where not only red doors appeared painted black on black and white photographs with precisely such very special vintage look. It was a time when so-called available light photography was en vogue, when so-called push development up to ASA 3200 led straight into very grainy prints, grain spots so large and so present that you could have easily given each single grain spot an individual name…

For the first time Berlin School’s President’s Lecture was given in the atrium of Scholz & Friends.

Matthias Spaetgens, Managing Director of the Creative Department Scholz & Friends, warmly welcomes Andrew Loog Oldham, Michael Conrad and all guests awaiting a great lecture, which in fact it was.

Michael Conrad interviews Andrew Loog Oldham.

There were two questions we desperately wanted to have them answered. The first is about a story we’ve been told a couple of times. When the Rolling Stones first reached the status of living a wealthy lifestye they bought, so it is said, a brand new Rolls Royce and drove it all around until they were running out of gasolene. They shall then have parked the car somebody somewhere – and erased it out of their minds. Some say that the car can still be found somebody somethere. Andrew Loog Oldham, however, could not confirm this happening but he added that Keith Moon certainly might have liked the idea…

The second question, unfortunately, we simply forgot to ask: How much money Andy Warhol would have liked to have?

Andrew Loog Oldham becomes phonetically dismantled while guests are waiting to have their stoned copies signed.

This is the way transparencies looked when their were taken on a film such as Ektachrome EL 400 pushed up to ASA 1600. But we are focused on pure black and white, aren’t we?

Well, does this look right? Not necessarily.

Here are some of the major problem zones: they need to be darkened and the contrast in total is to be strengthen.

Voilà: Another brick in the visual wall of the 1960s and 1970s black and white photo documentation’s esthetic.

Susann Schronen und Jamshid Alamuti.

Eva Lutterbüse borrows Michael Conrad’s pen in order to be fully equipped when her copy of «Stoned» is about to be signed.

Michael Schirner, Michael Conrad and Andrew Loog Oldham.

Well, we could have asked who these two gently looking persons on the paintings are but to know, as we all know, is the bitter end of any possibility to settling a proper and quite joyful speculation. For example, we very much like the idea of being introduced to Marie Curie and Albert Einstein after their visual relaunch. As well we think it is possible to see Mr. Scholz and one of his (girl)friends. May be these impressive two paintings show Mrs. and Mr. Litfaß… who knows…

Andrew Loog Oldham can currently be heard on Sirius satellite radio, hosting the Underground Garage program. Doing some research on the Internet we also found one of Oldham’s most important messages: Everybody Must Get Stoned. Just make sure you get trippled. Did we already mention that in April, Oldham will be inducted (along with KISS, Nirvana, Brian Epstein and others) into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame?

The photographer Richard Nicholson’s sequence «Last One Out» showing London’s remaining professional darkrooms is a must-see for all who get sentimental about certain things vanishing these days irreversibly.


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