Franco Fontana: «Amazing Landscapes»

14 Apr

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Franco Fontana is best known for his abstract colour landscapes. Fontana’s photos have been used as album cover art for records produced by the ECM jazz label. He is known as the inventor of the photographic line referred to as concept of line.

His works have been published in more than 40 books in various editions and languages and are displayed in many private and public collections all over the world.

Currently he is the art director of the Toscana Fotofestival.


Baudoin Lebon Gallery
38 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 Paris, France

Robert Klein Gallery
38 Newbury Street, Fourth Floor
Boston, MA 02116, U.S.A

Stephen Hoffman Gallery
Prannerstrasse 5
80333 Munich, Germany


Website Franco Fontana
via: The Red List

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