National Arts Club: «Two Golden Lions Enjoying Themselves»

19 Jul

«Two Golden Lions Enjoying Themselves» (1999) –
flashlight painting by Andreas Baier

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The artist Andreas Baier created inside of the National Arts Club in New York City a flashlight painting of one of its stunning rooms. The two lions are an impressive Chinese sculpture which had been made from just one single piece of wood. Normally, Andreas’ artwork enjoys strictly uniqueness but here, in this case, he made an exception: only four Cibachrome vintage-prints exist – three of them are part of private art collections. One print, however, belongs to the collection of the National Arts Club.

The results of Andreas Baier’s amazing flashlight-painting-technique might look as if his images were digitally manipulated, however, they are not. They are nothing but purely analogously manufactured photographs. Consequently, all of his flashlight-painting-transparencies having passed the E-6-process look precisely the way they look. From time to time the artist releases a digital booklet from which collectors can choose from. «Flashlight Paintings – Volume 9» is out now.

Should you wish to see how this room inside of National Arts Club looks in a more realistic manner, you can do so here.

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