Yoshi Karoshi: «Honeybees Are Our Fashionable Future!»

30 Jul

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London based advertising agency hamster&james – famous for its polarising communication skills – has just launched a brand new but highly sophisticated campaign following its own rule #1 saying that nothing is better than anything but worse than mediocrity – a statement especially designed to make competitors in the advertising business nervous. And nervous they are.

The clients from the Japanese fashion label Yoshi Karoshi, however, are focused on their mission: not to only promote their top-quality brand but to also protect and to save our beautiful world. Jonathan James, the agency’s proud account manager of the year, points out that only if the human race learns how to live and think as honeybees then both species have a chance to make it into a bright and sunshine-esque future, otherwise they will be sentenced to die a most dreadful death.

Consequently, this campaign will not be spread the mainstream way, as the Executive Creative Director Hale Bodenkamp explains to us: «We go to the people and talk to them personally – wherever they live: in trains, cars, restaurants, under the rooftop and in hotel rooms, of course. Make sure you never ever catch them at home – they don’t like that. And all you have to do then is to show them the ad. Basically that will do – as long as you think in long-term terms».

The fashion company’s CEO Sushimushi Yuwarikana confirms that they have already hired some 400.000 hand-out-workers in order to make this distinctive goal-approach work. And she adds: «This is the biggest challenge in our company’s history!» Easy to believe.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.