Andreas Baier’s brand new «Curriculum Vitae» presenting his outstanding flashlight paintings out now!

10 Feb

Cover «Curriculum Vitae» with an essay by Klaus Honnef
about Andreas Baier’s amazing flashlight paintings

To our most favourite delight, our staff-photographer’s amazing flashlight paintings are pretty much known on the international art market. In the 1990s he caused one stirr after the other; his cibachrome-based vintage prints had been published and exhibited thoughout the world, even as far as «people»-magazine in China and went additionally under the hammer at Sotheby’s – only two years after they were introduced to the market for the very first time.

Art collectors who made the decision adding them to their collections must have felt a bit hard about the idea of reselling them because for the first decade of the new millennium there was a larger break in the public awareness history of Andreas’ flashlight paintings; a gap mostly welcomed by the artist to use this marvellous opportunity to celebrating extended teatime proceedings:

flashlight painting (Blitzlichtgemälde) «Teatime»;
Cibachrome Vintageprint by Andreas Baier

Or realising other projects. Now, however, they are back on stage; are to be seen on art fairs such as the Art|Basel in Switzerland. Honouring this development and since the artist does not exhibit his work anymore, a gorgeously looking and nicely designed booklet has been freshly squeezed and pressed and published and brought to life, which is meant to provide art collectors with a proper insight into Andreas Baier‘s work and informs about the world he mentally still lives in. This catalogue also contains an essay by Prof. Klaus Honnef about Andreas Baier’s flashlight painting technique.

flashlight painting (Blitzlichtgemälde) «Cube Base» –
created on the Outer Hebrides; Cibachrome Vintageprint by Andreas Baier

In total: 72 nicely designed pages, covered in a luxurious hardcover outfit which makes not only the content worth owning it but also its price explicable: € 45,-.

ISBN 978-3-7347-5365-7

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