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Sneak Preview: «President’s Lecture At The Berlin School Of Creative Leadership»

29 Jul

After the lecture: Thomas Burrell (right) asks Michael Conrad (left): «Aren’t we all brainwashed, at least a little bit?» In the center of the picture: Adrian Botan.

Advertising industry visionary Thomas Burrell broke barriers in the media industry when he launched his Chicago-based ad agency in 1971. The company was established with the intention of forging an authentic and respectful relationship with the African American consumer, and to tap into how the Black Aesthetic could also appeal to the general market consumer. For decades, Burrell fought for industry diversification and the opportunity for black agencies to gain general market accounts. In his recent book, «Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority» (2010) Burrell examines how negative images and stereotypes have impacted America’s view of African-Americans. Thomas Burrell is Chairman Emeritus and Founder, Burrell Communications.

Meerschweinchenreport feels delighted to deliver a complete picture of Thomas Burrell’s and Adrian Botan’s President’s Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership within the next two weeks.

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