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Meditation Through Stonediving

31 Jul

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A clear view on the northern edge of the Arnhem Land plateau, from the freshwater period, shows a didgeridoo player who just successfully drew with his vibrating play some water out of this huge and massive stone. As soon as the water appears the player jumps into this little piece of wetness in order to become one with mother nature and, of course, with father stone as well.

It is not only about demonstrating braveness and spiritual coolness but also being part of some very important scientific research. Scientists believe that the creation of our planet’s oceans was managed by a special formation of galaxies and black holes in outer-space, which produced a tremendous cosmic didgeridoo sound that forced all rocks and stones to lose weight – in other words: to donate their water for upcoming mankind’s good.

No matter if this theory is right, or wrong; we now know where the term being stoned has its roots. Definitely.

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