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Bansky vs. Robbo: «A Creative Dispute Bewteen Streetartists»

19 Sep

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Nick Stern: «You Are Not Bansky»

1 Nov

As it appears adapting, copying, quoting and re-enactments are The Big Thing, not to forget blaming China and their inhabitants for doing the same, which is – as we think – a quite unique and highly sophisticated way of making up one’s mind. Are we supposed to ask ourselves: «Why?» Honestly, we don’t think so. This is not the ballpark we should waste our time and energy on.

The newest and hottest issue: Innocent bees are dying rapidly! So, let’s protest on facebook and avoid eating honey! So, let’s chop off our feet and legs with chainsaws in order to disconnect ourselves from the option of disturbing the poor bees in their original living spaces. So, let’s burn down our cars, houses and bicycles just to set an impressive sign against copyright infringement. So, let’s spread our wings and jump off from the 15th floor of any office building in the world in order to bite the bitter pill of life, and show solidarity with our slowly vanishing natural sweetener producers. But whatever we do: we should do something. And this something could even lead us into reproducing Bansky’s work. Well, just a thought…

Website Nick Stern
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Graffiti Cocktail Shaker: «Bansky Behind Bars?»

9 Feb

Bansky behind bars?

Make a proper investment of only $23.00; and from now on you may call yourself Mouth Wall Painter. Or you are a Brick Tooth Enhancer. A unique job title for a unique person. Just make sure that the people you are dealing with had already poured down enough drinks before you let them know who you really are: «Lounge Bansky I». It a promise: then you’ll get away with it.

Made of stainless steel with bright colored graphics, it features a strainer top, a stainless steel cap, and a red enamel lid. You may order it here.

via: Kitchy Living

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Bansky: «PARKing»

12 Jul

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Banksy vs. «Bristol Museum Picture Gallery»

25 May

Holiday Makers Rickshaw

Caged McNuggets

Face Backdrop

The Gleaners ‘Agency Work’

More on Logical Jack

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Bansky, Upper Street, The Library, Islington, And The Collective Crazy Fools

20 Dec

Click to enlarge dragonly

Around 2.000 people were flocked to see Banksy’s Portrait of an Artist as part of an exhibition by cutting edge Bristol-based Collective Crazy Fools in The Library, in Upper Street, Islington (London).

Photo by rion



27 Oct

The lessons Bansky taught us were inhaled by other artists – as it seems.

via: Wooster Collective


19 Jul

I am not going to write an essay about Bansky. I simply recommend reading the full interview TIME OUT London did with him. It’s the only interview Bansky ever gave. Just click on SuperTouch at the end of this article. Before I forget: Bansky did the layout of his interview in TIME OUT London as well. This reminds me of Neville Brody who once was allowed to do the same thing in the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL.

via: SuperTouch
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