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»Turbulence« recently won a prize at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival for its technological innovation

15 Dec

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Will these two chopped-off fingers reanimate themselves in order to play the game Nothing has ever happened? Yes, in Prof. Nitzan Ben Shaul’s movie Turbulence it is a thinkable possibility.


Quote from the New Shelton wet/dry: »Turbulence, a film by Prof. Nitzan Ben Shaul of Tel Aviv University, uses complicated video coding procedures that allow the viewer to change the course of a movie in mid-plot. In theory, that means each new theater audience can see its very own version of a film.«

We haven’t seen this movie yet but it sounds as if Big Brother comes closer and closer.

So, and this is how it works.


WWF – Luft. Die beste Verpackung der Welt.

31 Jan

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Der Job ist schon ein bißchen her…