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Brazil: «Tuttle Meets Buttle»

29 Dec

We have absolutely no idea how this film made it into You Tube and will not know for how long this situation is about to be conserved precisely that way. So, may be you might like to spend some 2:11 hours of your most un-valuable lifetime watching this. Our serving suggestion: Why don’t you look out for a little-bittle train station somewhere out in the pampaesque country-side and use your iPhone for this exploration. Just keep in touch with mother nature while getting futuristic at all.

Or may be it was Terry Gilliam himself using «Nick Max lii» who posted his own movie (among others) on You Tube just to put the germ of self-reflecting thinking into the brains of those who did not enjoy the luxurious advantage of being brought up in a time where the world the movie Brazil introduces us to was nothing but pure fiction.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.