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Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

1 Aug

Cakecrumbs writes in his blog: «When my sister asked me what I was making and I said Jupiter, she said to me, “I didn’t even know Jupiter had layers.” It’s amazing how much we can forget after learning it in primary school. So here’s a rehashing for those of you who’ve also forgotten. Our knowledge is mostly theoretical of course, but the gas giants are thought to have a core comprised mostly of rock and ice. This is surrounded by a layer liquid metallic hydrogen, and the outer layer is composed of molecular hydrogen. In cake speak, this translates to a core made of mudcake, surrounded by almond butter cake, surrounded by a tinted vanilla Madeira sponge. There’s a crumb coat of vanilla buttercream underneath the fondant.»

Website Cakecrums
via Crackajack’s Nerdcore

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.


22 Nov

There are lots of busy Cake-O-Maniacs underway showing various amounts of possibilities what cakes really could look like. Basically, it’s the same thing meerschweinchenreport already reported about StarWars-O-Mania. Close your eyes, imagine whatever it is in reality and you can be assured that you have nothing seen but a cake shaped precisely that way. Especially while walking around and through the Internet.

Normally, for us not the slightest reason to blog about it at all.

But then, this wedding cake came along turning a marriage into Super Mario’s adventure game. Everything fits impressingly together. So, how great is that?