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Celine Dion: «Let The Concrete Sing In Order To Rescue The Mechanisms Of Global Warming»

9 Jun

People say that the unfortunate ship Titanic did not sink completely. They say that a small piece of whatever remained and was brought to justice, pardon, brought to the beach where it becomes now a transresponding part of an irreversible art project during documenta (13). They point out that this art project proudly carries the energy saving title Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Furthermore, they announce that the instability of visual experiences which had been made in the past will not be helpful in the present because of the fact that global warming changes everything. It even turns poor polar bears into not perfectly well tasting schnitzels. Therefore people say that global warming shall not be ignored, or even worse: slightly underestimated. People also say that we all have to transform ourselves into a spritual form of global warming boxing gloves – to fight back, no matter into which direction.

People say that we all need a verbal formula that shall be spelled while transforming and while constantly watching the animation above. Here it is: «Cool as a cucumber the carrot penetrates the pedestrian in order to make his padding immortal.» (If you are a vegetarian, please replace the term pedestrian by the word tree).

Repeat your spell as often and as intensively as even nessesary. Do not make fool of this. Rescuing our holy beloved planet is a serious business and must not be interfered by fruit cakes of any kind, or left in the uncapable hands of half-time humans. What we need are pros. Real pros. Be a good boy. Or a good girl. Just be one of them.

This article was created with the generous support of eon.

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