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Clint Eastwood: «You Either Do It With The Real Camera Or Not At All»

2 Jan

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In 1991, Clint Eastwood was starring in and directing «The Unforgiven». Eddie Adams was photographing him between takes and told him he needed to make some Polaroid proofs. Eastwood responded that «Ansel Adams didn’t take Polaroids. Edward Weston didn’t take Polaroids. You either do it with the real camera or not at all.» So Eddie Adams shot three frames, and this is one of them.

Eddie Adams became most famously known for his photograph of Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executing Nguyễn Văn Lém on February 1, 1968. Donald R. Winslow, a close friend of Eddie Adams, wrote about «The Pulitzer Eddie Adams Didn’t Want».

The American Newspaper Washington Post honours the great photographer with a special selection of his work. His fine light portrait of Fidel Castro, for example, is as amazingly enlightend as Yousuf Karsh’s portraits. His photo-journalistic stuff is as outstanding as of any other Magnum-photographers. So, just get a quick refill of your basic knowledge about great photographers.

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