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We were wondering and wondering – Now we know…

21 Sep

To those guys who feel responsible for this wonderful explanation: Could you be please so cute and kind to make it for normal persons like all of us as clear and good as it gets why the British still manufacture and install their very special «two separated tab water system» instead of, well folks, you know where and how the real comfort is to be found, don’t you? Even having spent our time for a complete decade in the UK we still weren’t able to figure it out, right?

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Joan Cornellà: «Sophisticated Comic Strips»

6 Aug

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We were always wondering and had been asking ourselves how the international financial rescue-system could have worked sooooooo successfully. The artist Joan Cornellà found a funny way to illustrate how it all happended.

Website Joan Cornellà
via Booooooom

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Flieger, grüß mir die Sonne: «Happy New Year!»

31 Dec

Donald Duck – Der Plastik-Erfinder (1944)

Der Rosarote Panther – Der Rosarote Himmelsstürmer

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Lassie meets Sigmund Freud

20 Jun

via: Nag on the Lake

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The Operators: «Black Hole»

25 Feb

The Operators believe that there is more to creative retouching than just technical excellence – with the right people and the the right attitude anything is possible.

Founded in 2008, they quickly established themselves as industry specialists in high end post production and developed an impressive client base stretching across print, film and online media – From BBDO NY and Leagas Delaney to working one on one with photographers, they offer professional and flexible bespoke solutions in creative photographic retouching.

A collaborative series with photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin in tribute to Charles Burns for his comic Black Hole. Within this series specific bespoke prosthetic’s were modeled and cast for each individual model. With careful consideration to wardrobe, lighting and style to ‘Black Hole’. The Operators set about finalising the shot within retouch, developing specific colour styles and prosthetic enhancement for each individual shot. The series can be seen in it’s full glory in print within 125 magazine.

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From “The Unknown Supergirl” to the “World’s Greatest Heroine” – in just one game

27 Nov

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Should your dice has given you a 2 you lose instantly powers, have to drop back one field, but will then be adopted by a completely unknown couple, which resets your powers immediately, and that means you shall now move forward two fields where the following message awaits you: “Lesla-Lar, Supergirl’s Foe. Lose 1 Turn.” All that means that your dice seems to be a twisted person, not knowing the difference between a 2 and a 3 – of course.

Certainly, to become the World’s Greatest Heroine in just on game shall not to be seen as a piece of cake. Certainly not. Here is another evidence supporting that theory: Imagine that you’ve made it – somewhere, somehow – to field #7 where you instantly gain powers and are allowed to move 2 steps forward, will then be told that you’re immute to (green) kryptonite; a circumstance that gives you another 3 steps for free in addition, but – as a matter of fact – you will now be introduced to the destroyable attitude of The Infinite’s Monster’s unholy feet, which will let you drop back 2 steps. You end up with the message: “Linda becomes fat. Lose 1 turn.” By the way: Linda is you.

So, what does Linda learn from that? Regaining powers, being immute to kryptonite and being nearly smashed by some infinite monster’s feet makes you pretty fat. The exciting game is right: To cope with all that, you have to be the World’s Greatest Heroine – no doubt.

Danny DeVito bei lebendigem Leibe verspeist!

17 Jul

Ich weiß ja nicht was los ist, aber sommer- oder gar hitzebedingte Sauregurkenzeit scheint unter Bloggern nach wie vor nicht angesagt. Da setzt man sich selbst harten und selbstgefertigten Regel aus (Jeden Tag nur ein Beitrag, nur ein Beitrag, hörst Du?), und schon zwingt einen die aktuelle Sachlage, ein solch’ Reglement schlicht zu ignorieren.

Nerdcore erklärt, was es mit diesem Filmchen auf sich hat. Obwohl die Grundidee eine Adaption des berühmten sprechenden Schweins ist, das sich den Besuchern des Restaurants am Ende des Universums selbst als überaus schmackhaftes und noch zuzubereitendes Nahrungsmittel anpreist, ist dieser Spot, der den Stand von The Blood Factory auf der diesjährigen ComicCon bewerben soll, durchaus sehenswert.