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Hugh Brown: «I Am A Chainsaw Collector»

19 Jul

Painting by Jackson Pollock (Arterial Mist, 1950)

Hugh Brown is a well known multi-talented creative – and, not to forget, proud to be a chainsaw collector. The Robert Berman Gallery was presenting on July 17, 2010, 6-9pm «Allegedly: New Chainsaw Works». Follow the link and you will meet the chainsaws of Roy Lichtenstein, David Levinthal, Bruce Nauman, Henri Matisse, Man Ray, David Hockney, Damien Hirst, Diane Arbus, etc. pp. …

The only question that has been left like an overheated punchball in Maggie Thatcher’s handbag during the battle over the Falklands: Is all this chainsaw stuff genuine? Just read the text in order to find it out. Because I didn’t.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Things hard to believe: Cake and Neave – Hirst’s Shark Tank

22 Dec

Click to enlarge sharkily

2004; Lamda Print; 84cm x 60cm; Edition of 25

Artists’ Website

via: Sympathy For The Art Gallery