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Lightpaintings by Digicord / Jake & Adri Spaceman

17 Nov

There is a lot of lightpainting going on on flickr. Basically it is the oldest lightening technique a photographer was familiar with. This was due to the fact that the emulisons of the early films weren’t prepared that much to respond rapidly to the action of light. A photographer was supposed to use heavy flashlight based on magnesium powder – burning with a brilliant white flame – even during daytime while the sun was shining.

Taking a photograph of the inside of a cathedral, for example, it took him hours and many, many, many magnesium flashes to enlighten in order to receive an acceptable exposure. The photographer was walking with his flashlight, while the apperture of his camera still remained open all the time, through the cathedral. That is the reason why this technique is also called “wandering light”.

Contrarily to Andreas Baier’s amazing flashlight paintings, which are part of the international art scene since the beginning of the 1990s, Jake & Adri Spaceman’s work is pretty far away from being influenced by an excessive baroque lifestyle. What they do is creating urban graffitis with light. Their tags are a composure of 3D geometrical lines, shapes and forms. And we shall not forget the human creatures burning morbidly green or heavily yellow, or being outlined as a dead body by pocket lights.

Instantly they turn urban places which are nothing but nothing special into areas that could be an open air night club, a landing place for UFOs or the entrance for all those who want to become part of TRON 3. Jake & Adri Spaceman are working digitally, so their shutter should no longer be open than 10 minutes – as I guess. Andreas Baier, however, needs several hours for just one exposure. He works strictly analogously. Unfortunately, he consequently rejects any offer doing exhibitions or being published, a fact which makes me automatically unable to show you what his great work looks like.

By Digicord / Jake & Adri Spaceman