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UnPealievable! Peas grow in Man’s Lung!

15 Aug

It was right in the middle of the night when Ron Sveden, a retired teacher from Brewster, Massachusetts, heard a sweet little sing-along-song from a sweet little sing-along-song-night-owl sitting right in front of his opened bedroom window: “Feel you’re leaving now your Massachusetts, something’s telling me you’ve got a pea. All your lungs they will once meet the X-ray; and later on we’ve all gotta pray”. Ron Sveden noticed that the bird was short of breath the same problem he was suffering himself since a couple of months. Not knowing precisely what this was all about he decided to pay his doctor at Cape Cod Hospital an immediate visit.

And guess what? The X-ray which was taken didn’t show the expected cancer in his lungs. However, it turned out that a sweet little pea plant had already covered his complete lung on the left-hand side. And, even more surprisingly, the first pea had just turned into a sweet little peacar making its way through the bronchi in order to conquer the right-hand side of his lung as well. Dr. Jeff Spillane, the thoracic surgeon at the hospital, reported to Cape Cod Times: “We are all very stunned. This is the first time ever that the theory of mutating peas into peacars in order to spread themselves all over a helpless human body can be proven by such an impressive and wonderfully coloured X-ray shot. We all can be very proud of ourselves.”

Ron Sveden himself stood relaxed. He took a fork and brought it into his lung the straight way – and simply started to eat them up. “You know, I fought down the bloody Japanese, I don’t believe that I will surrender to some stupid peas”.

Nope, we don’t think so either.

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