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E.T. meets Joseph Beuys: »Cut Out Your Home Phone«

22 Dec

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Joseph Beuys is back. Without doubt. Since he decided to split from his wife Eva everything went to his own good. No doubt. When he got the call from the guys from Vodafone, Beuys remembers intensively, he was prepared to set a sign again. A bold sign. An invincible sign. Without doubt.

As soon as his assignment was signed by the company he met E.T. immediately to cooperate with him on this delicate matter. They later declared: »On behalf of mankind we made a terrific move and helped Vodafone out of their teabags and their customers into new homephoning standards by simply letting their homes phone – wherever they want to. In a second step their homes could then phone to their other homes as well – worldwide. Finally, they allowed specifically people like Holmes to phone Holmes, of course.« Joseph Beuys added in their dramatic press conference: »I am not sure if this is funny but as a German as I am I think that being funny is not an option for me anyway because cutting out your beloved home phone is something you have to learn to get used to. This isn’t something which happens automatically.« Right he was. Without doubt.

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