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Larry Gagosian: «The Trials Of An Art Superdealer»

16 Feb

Larry Gagosian: «Always Hirsty On My Mind»

The article starts with «Alberto Mugrabi was having a drink in the lobby at Claridge’s Hotel when his cell phone flashed to tell him Larry Gagosian was calling. It was June 2009, and they were in London for a week of auctions. Gagosian and Mugrabi are among the richest and most powerful figures in the art world, though the two function differently.»

The article finishes with «Still, there’s something about Larry Gagosian that’s thrilling to certain artists. He’s a force of nature, a predator—a shark. “He’s a player,” says Richard Serra. “I mean, nothing frightens the guy.”»

In-between the author Eric Konigsberg allows us to gain a deep look through an unusually intimate window providing us with the secrets of how the art market is shaped at its highest levels by Larry Gagosian and his associates.

So, why don’t you go for The Full Monty, then?

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