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Im Gespräch: Andreas Baier und «Design made in Germany»

5 Sep

Andreas Baier weiß: «Wenn man Dinge plant,
gehen sie garantiert schief».
Foto: Michael Eibes

Auf der diesjährigen QVED 2016 (Meerschweinchenreport berichtete) präsentierte unser Redaktionsfotograf Andreas Baier nicht nur einen Vortrag über seine Arbeit, sondern er unterhielt sich ebenfalls mit Viola von Zadow von «Design made in Germany». Zum Beispiel über Sir Ernest Henry Shackletons Polarexpedition, über Vitamin-B-Injektionen, über einen Ratschlag Gerhard Richters, warum einem etwas weniger Planung die selbstgesetzten Ziele entspannter und besser erreichen lassen – und, last but not least: warum das «Scheitern» als Karriereprinzip gnadenlos überschätzt wird.

Außerdem zeigt die zugehörige Bildstrecke Baier-Portraits von Hermann Nitsch, Michael und Helga Conrad, Klaus Staeck, Bazon Brock, Markus Lüpertz, Kasper König, Klaus Honnef, Carl Laszlo, Klaus Klemp und Hans Ulrich Obrist. Eine Digital-To-Go-Version der besagten Veröffentlichung ist hier erhältlich.

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Where Is Selleck’s Whereabouts?

9 Oct

Strictly Without Tom Selleck

Where is Tom Selleck? How is he doing? Can we help him? These and other questions arose in the brains of many many many Tom Selleck fans who visited «Selleck Waterfall Sandwich» all over the world.

In the beginning there was light, mayonnaise and a beautiful website honouring the tasty qualities of famous Hollywood legend Tom Selleck. But that seems a long time ago. Since a couple of weeks, months and even years this file above is making its way through the Internet complaining silently the prominent absence of Tom Selleck. All a fake? Could be. But recent investigations have shown that the title of his new film «Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost» is a strong hint that Selleck himself might be the «Innocent Lost»; and that his missing is on purpose.

Only one voice, however, the voice of a former farmer’s widow with a strong Scottish accent, says that it is quite likely that Selleck prefers to live inside of the burger secretly because he couldn’t cope with all his fame anymore. «See, at the moment he’s cleaning the house!», she says. Otherwise there was no reason why the «cornerstone of each nutritious breakfast» (Quote from «Pulp Fiction») is constantly moving. With a firm «Don’t you think so?» she closes her thoughts.

Meerschweinchenreport is convinced that Tom Selleck must be somewhere and that the day will come when he returns.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.