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Arthur Mac Straightface: «Just My Type Font Collection»

8 May

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Prestige Elite Bold» – This piece of artwork inspired «the guys from Wolff Olins to give me a ring» as Mac Straightface remembers but «I was too busy at that time so I had to refuse their generous offer joining the design-team for Olympia 2012».

Arthur Mac Straightface is a remarkable artist; provided with a huge sense of humour and an extraordinary understanding of typography he is the one of the ones – whenever both qualifications shall come in play at once.

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Futura Condensed Extra Bold» – One day, when Mac Straightface visited his favourite SM-Club he suddenly recognised the C.E.O. of a worldwide operating company carefully coated with a blown-up rubber suite. Surely a great kick for his «extra bold career in future» as Arthur points out smilingly.

Ignoring his German nationality, Mac Straightface prefers more referring to his jewish mother and his arabic father. Consequently, his brother, also an artist, has chosen Mustapha Mandelbaum as his artist’s name.

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Euphemia» – For the artist the power of euphemism makes life worth living. So, he is more than just happy that a type font named «Euphemia» exists.

Being brought up in such a mind-expanding atmosphere it is not a matter of greater surprise that Mac Straightface combines the uncombinable. He mixes milk and Tabasco for breakfast, honey and Mamite for lunch, peas and dynamite for a proper dinner ceremony. No wonder that he blends pornography with a serious amount of corporate typography. A combination-mania that led him and his stunning work straight into famous private art collections such as Charles Saatchi’s, Solomon Guggenheim’s, Sylvester Stallone’s or Enzo Ferrari’s.

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Vacances En Charlemagne Std» – On the beach of Dunkirk, the unofficial main capital of the French region Charlemagne, you can still see some ghosts from World War II shadowing around while young couples enjoying themselves, and their pure salty nakedness; and a vitamin D creating sunbath.

Apart from focussing on his professional work, Arthur Mac Straightface is a religious man who strongly believes in an open-minded and sophisticated way of incarnation. That includes both financial modernism and modern realism:

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Credit Card Incarnation»

Before closing this review, we shall not forget to pay Mac Straightface’s new world map all the respect it deserves to receive: It is designed to make things easier and much more efficient. Now, the distance between Los Angeles and Shanghai is only to be measured in minutes to walk. In this case you will have done it in five. A perfect start fighting successfully against the nasty side-effects of a much more nastier climate change.

Also the Chinese Yellow Sea now touches America’s Yellowstone National Park in order to please all the fans of the Swiss music group Yello, which will – we are somewhat from being convinced of that fact – appreciate this step very much. And Dieter Meier? Well, he will remain as such. Of course.

Arthur Mac Straightface is driven by the idea that the whole world should comfortably fit on the back of a credit card. This would also constructively correspond to the actual size of the Internet, which is vital, virtual and perpetual, notable, variable and acceptable, which means that everybody can do everything without facing the consequences of an oversized workload.

So, let’s now examine the whole piece in detail: Basically, the first thing we see is «Baskerville». What does this want to tell us? We definitely know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s (1859 –1930) masterpiece «The Hound of the Baskervilles» (1902) and since mankind uses computers excessively he must have become aware of a typeface named «Baskerville» as well. Its creator was the famous John Baskerville (1706 –75) who was an English printer, a designer of typefaces, a close friend of Benjamin Franklin and a man who – the last stir he caused – was buried straight upright in an optimistic I’m-still-standing-position.

Is it that Mac Straightface wants to combine, once again, the uncombinable? We know that Sherlock Holmes was personally fighting against his enemy Professor Moriarty; and that both finally dropped off the cliffs of the deep Swiss Reichenbach falls. Since then they were never seen again. We also know that John Baskerville wrapped all negative forms of his priceless typeface in order to drown them literally in a small river close to his workshop. He had to repeat this procedure more that a hundred times until it was all done. These are, of course, two combinable facts.

But since it was not John Baskerville who did this to his own work but the typeface designer Thomas Cobden-Sanderson who carefully destroyed his «Doves» in August 1916, we are now, again, dealing with two uncombinable facts. And that is a typically characteristic aspect of Mac Straightface’s fascinating way to work. Needless to say that Thomas Cobden-Sanderson was not buried straight upright in an optimistic I’m-still-standing-position. But, as an emotional compensation, Mac Straightface put the German Tegernsee close to the centre of the map, a lovely and gorgeous place where Cobden-Sanderson used to regularly spend his summer holidays:

Arthur Mac Straightface: «Baskerville»

Arthur Mac Straightface refuses to exhibit his work. It is part of his philosophy to directly communicate with his collectors. He does not like the hype some art dealers are creating, pushing up the prices straight into outer-space without having bought a valid return-ticket in the first place.

From time to time Mac Straightface discovers some of his artwork on art-platforms, on which his collectors offer them for sale. He states that he could have noticing the prize for his work has risen constantly in the past without suffering through overheating. A classic win-win situation.

How does his work look like? Most of it is sized 120cm/180cm, printed on canvas which recognises high-quality art-market standards. His largest piece, however, measures 4 meters / 6 meters.

We gratefully say «Thank you!» to Mustapha Mandelbaum who recommended us to his brother. That is why we are now allowed to enjoy the luxurious advantage of launching Mac Straightface’s first feature ever. He himself does not even run a personal website.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.