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Kunstszene: «Günter Uecker im Wandel der Zeit»

12 Aug

1986: Günter Uecker in der Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen
Foto von unserem Redaktionsfotografen Andreas Baier
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2016: Günter Uecker auf der Art Basel
Foto von unserem Redaktionsfotografen Andreas Baier
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Telegrammstilesk ließe sich sagen: Lediglich die Rundungen der Schädeldecke Günter Ueckers sind geblieben – alles andere hat sich geändert. Aber ist das der Erkenntnis letzter Stand der Dinge? Und: Ist es nicht eigenartig? Da bringt man nur mal eben so zwei Fotografien in einen thematischen Bezug zueinander – und schon bietet sich einem die Gelegenheit, – im Idealfall – stundenlang über die «Wirklichkeit der Wirklichkeit» zu philosophieren. Und/oder über die «wirkliche Wirklichkeit im absolut Wahrhaftigen». Und/oder über die «wirksame Wirklichkeit im wahrhaftigen ABSOLUT». Und das Ganze abwechselnd in weiß, schwarz, grau und/oder irgendwie auch hinreichend farbig inszenierten Räumen – mal mit und mal ohne die segensreiche Unterstützung eines modernen TV-Geräts. Sie merken, liebe Meerschweinchenreportleserinnen und Meerschweinchenreportleser: Die Rezeption von Kunst ist eine höchst individuelle und gelegentlich auch verzwickte Angelegenheit. Und damit das auch weiterhin so bleibt, findet unser kleiner Besinnungsaufsatz mit nachfolgendem Satzzeichen sein wohlverdientes Ende. Naja, fast:

Magazin KUNST,
Titelbild, 13. Jahrgang, Nr. 52, 4. Quartal 1973, DM 7,50
Thema: Kunst und Fernsehen.
Abbildung: Günter Uecker, Benagelter Fernsehapparat.
Foto: Bernd Jansen.
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Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen’s Gallery: «Patrick Mimran»

8 Apr

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Patrick Mimran initially devoted himself to the business world. Along with his brother, Jean Claude, he was able to save Lamborghini’s factory. In July 1980 Patrick Mimran entered the company after his financial value was verified to be unlimited by his Swiss bank. The name was changed into Nuova Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini SpA, and Patrick Mimran, although he was very young to be a manager did get Lamborghini back to where it belongs, at the top of the exotic car market.

In 1987 he sold Lamborghini to Chrysler and made, so it is said, «enough profit to be completely satisfied». Later, he entered the art world as a multitask artist, working with painting, photography, video art, sculpture and installations. He also composes electronic music in collaboration with Peter Greenaway and also Maurice Béjart for his ballet Kurozuka (Bunkan Kalkan Theatre, Tokyo).

All this reminds us a little bit of Jeff Koons’ career who first sold zero bonds at Wall Street in order to become a successful artist in a second step.

Patrick Mimran started his billboard project in London in 1999, followed by Chelsea in NY from 2001 until 2008, and in Russia, Italy, Japan, Germany and France. His billboards present tagline thoughts on the artworld, such as «Needing an advisor to buy a work of art is like needing a consultant to choose a wife», «It is too late for a dead artist to enjoy his success», «Art doesn’t have to be ugly to look clever», «Don’t worry, none of us will be remembered next century», «Artists do not need dealers; they just need walls», «The art market is the artist twisted muse», «Collectors want to be dealers, dealers hope to be stars, and curators dream to be artists», «I’m the Best in the West», «No angst for art» – or the one shown above.

The interesting point is that such bold statements are either only to be expected from a very, very young artist who desperately wishes to attract attention – no matter with what – or from a very, very wise guy who knows precisely who he is and what he does.

Before we recently passed Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen’s gallery we thought Patrick Mimran was a representative of this young guy version. However, after having done some proper research on the Internet we now know better.

Since Dr. Dorothea van der Koelen is best known for representing artists whose intellect is much brighter than the ‹Durchschnitt›, as we say in Germany, it is no wonder that Patrick Mimran’s work of art is also part of her gallery’s portfolio.

Our staff photographer could not resist adding to his photograph some Mimran-proof clouds as well as some birds, two trees and a cutely, art loving small dog. We hope that our readers will appreciate his approach.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.