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Elisabeth Biondi: «Banana Armada»

23 Jul

Banana Armada – flashlight painting by Andreas Baier

Having seen the remarkable arte-reportage about the German photographer Martin Schöller recently, it became transparent that former «The New Yorker’s» picture editor-in-chief, Elisabeth Biondi, was responsible for his international breakthrough due to the fact that she assigned him regularly – before anyone else did. You can find some of Martin Schöller’s marvellous work here, here, here, here and here.

Since we live in a time, however, in which people are mostly interested in other people who only show interest in oneself, it should be bright and clear and understood that we have decided using this unique opportunity to only feature our one and only staff-photographer Andreas Baier who used to work for Elisabeth Biondi as well during her time as picture editor-in-chief of the magazine stern in the 1990s.

When the Berlin wall came down Elisabeth Biondi gave Mr Baier a ring and said that East Germany’s major request for bananas was about to drive the whole nation into pure craziness and that whenever the term «craziness» crosses her mind she could not help thinking of him and that he was perfectly adviced to help her out with a somewhat stunning interpretation of this whole strange situation – see result above. She saw the picture, had a smile and gave him the next job.

Like it too? So, you better might consider also taking a full visual bath in his passionate portfolio Just For Fun.

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