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Gjon Mili: «Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler»

17 Oct

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LIFE photographer Gjon Mili, one of the first photographers to use the electronic flash to capture people and things that move too fast for the naked eye, did not use a flashlight to adequately portray the man who sold Picasso, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler.

We found the terrific portrait above on this Website – and below of it a quite inspiring comment: «Je connaissais Mr Kahnweiler, mon pere était son chauffeur, il lui même arrivait de le porter sur son dos quand l’ascenseur des quai des grands augustins était en panne.» Well, those were the days…

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Pablo Picasso: «Light Drawings»

4 Apr

Photo by Gjon Mili

«LIFE magazine’s Gjon Mili, a technical prodigy and lighting innovator, visited Pablo Picasso in the South of France in 1949. The meeting of these two marvelous minds and sensibilities was bound to result in something extraordinary. Mili showed the artist some of his photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights affixed to their skates, jumping in the dark — and Picasso’s lively mind began to race.»

Read and watch the rest of the story on LIFE.

via: Job’s Wife

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